Now comes the plaintiff...oh oh. Code for: More hassle is coming your way! This is where Gorilla got it totally wrong. I'd never done any of this. I really don't have time to make up fake sites and contact bands. I actually have a band of my own to run. What they are suggesting is very time consuming.

These copies are the ones we got, but the real ones will have signatures, dates. Again, the official papers are available from the Cuyahoga Civil Court (search the Civil Court Dockets under Gorilla Productions or CV-10-720736).

These are all the same grievances from the first brief...giant Gorilla head is taking over, helping the local scene, etc. And of course the assumption that I had any control over Google searches. Man, am I smart!

I really do take issue with the incorrect statement that I said they allowed underage kids to drink. That was low...but then...did I expect anything else?

Again, I don't have time for this crap. Making up phony myspace sites and "friending" bands to tell them about Gorilla takes hours of effort that I don't have. Hell, I didn't even respond to Gorilla Alan after he'd sent us 3 or 4 Gorilla invitations.
"Or are you a chicken?" Oh brother. Are we in grade school here?

The top comment about "gorilla alan" is really not something I think about. And I would never use a term like "da Gorillaz" because it makes me think of Gorillaz and I just love that band. I'd never want to associate them with Gorilla Music. We are big Damon Albarn fans, especially Kahuna. Kahuna got to meet him once. Said he was a sweetheart of a guy. Oh yeah the preliminary injunction...I forgot.

Also I would never challenge anybody on their lack of being a metalhead or invoke the name of Dimebag Darrell (what a tragic story) at any point in any conversation, written or otherwise. Ask my friends how many times I brag or call people out about being a metalhead. Hardly ever.

That last line is absolutely abhorrent just on general priciple and I wouldn't even think of anything so vulgar. In fact, I think it was bad form for Gorilla to include it in this brief.

The lawsuit information was already all over the internet. It wouldn't have taken much effort to read about it and tons of people did. I got mail from all over the US about it.

Then there was Lackluster. It's obvious that the comment from them is not from the same guy writing about "da Gorillaz". First of all, they actually write in complete sentences. You can tell Lackluster is just fed up with getting spam emails from Gorilla and has had enough.

I wish I could make up a band like Lackluster! Awesome band!

Yes, somebody sent 20 messages to Gorilla but it wasn't me.
And on...
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And on...
Damn, this was a lot of work for nothing. They sent the request to myspace to find out who this Gorilla hating metalhead was, but if they found out, they never shared it with us. Oh well.


I won't post all the exhibits because it is redundant but here's one so you can see that there were Exhibits from them with the offending emails. I'm sure that blacked out stuff talks about us!
Here is the official subpoena to myspace to find out the meany A-hole who sent those nasty emails.